GoLite Bark Jacket

I bought this jacket in 2001. It is the original “Ray Way” model, so it is totally stripped down compared to newer versions.

This is probably my most versatile article of clothing in the backcountry. I must admit that I have little to say negative about it from the start, except that GoLite doesn’t make it anymore. The Bark functions well for light morning warmth, as wind protection, bug protection, and even works great in a light drizzle. The jacket stuffs into its own breast pocket, but I’ve never found myself using that feature. Except when hiking in all but the colder weather, my Bark doesn’t seem to stay put in my pack for long.

The elastic bands on each sleeve allow this jacket to be used to combat mosquitos, along with the hood which can be worn over the head or rolled up to cover the back of the neck.

There are two side pockets that function great for zippered storage  or even for a bit of warmth. The zippered breast pocket is helpful for storing small items in camp or a permit on the trail, otherwise stored items would get in the way of the backpack’s straps on the trail.

If you can get your hands on one of these, snatch it!