JMT Menu

Above is a look at the daily food intake we've provided for ourselves on the John Muir Trail Thru-Hike. We packaged everything together, except for the couscous (in its own plastic package) and the nut mix (which we separated into daily servings). See below for a look at each of the daily food packets:

We started with a 3-day supply of food. While we could carry a 6-day food supply, we figured that starting with a lighter pack allowed an easier first few days. The first day has over 6000 feet in elevation gain, so it's a good idea to not be carrying extra food when not absolutely necessary. Each day's food weighs about 1.9 lbs. and is displayed in the graphic above.
On Day 4, we resupplied in Devil's Postpile National Monument at a private facility: Red's Meadow Resort. We simply mailed ourselves our food to the Mammoth Lakes, CA post office and paid the folks at Red's Meadow Resort $25 to pick it up for us. The resort is right off the JMT, so this saves much time. Also, they have a restaurant, The Mule Cafe, which allows for a hot meal.
On Day 7, we resupplied at Muir Trail Ranch, which is a private ranch located within a half mile of the JMT. This is the last resupply location near the trail. They charge a hefty $50 to receive a 5-gallon resupply bucket (see the one pictured on left), but the service is well worth the fee. (Note: the service is worth it based on the location, NOT because of any fabulous service provided by MTR staff. We found them to be very short with backpackers.) However, the alternative is to attempt carrying more food from Vermillion Resort or to have a friend or a hired service pack it in. We definitely recommend MTR based on the convenience of the location.