Day 4

Monday September 10, 2012    [27 miles]

I slept wonderfully in a real bed, although still with some guilt for the experience. I woke up refreshed at 7:15am, got ready, and walked across the street to the post office when it opened at 8am. I got a free breakfast from the motel lobby (Belgian waffle and some cereal!), checked out the place, and retracted the ¾ mile to the trailhead. I started hiking around 9am on a section with very little water. I saw 5 bikers before Watson Lake, where I arrived before 2pm. I filled up my waters as full to the brim as I could get out of the lake, then kept on hiking. I saw another 5 bikers after the lake; 2 hikers to appeared to be hiking on an unknown trail that briefly existed parallel to my own; and finally 2 thru-hikers who had started from Echo Lake and were headed counter-clockwise. I got to Brockway Summit at 4:15pm, made some couscous, sent out a text message to my wife, and got back on the trail just after 5pm. I hiked another almost 6 miles, staying near Martis Peak, just off the dirt road/trail, where I arrived just after 7pm. I had some time before sunset to get situated, getting into my shelter around 7:45pm.