Day 5

Tuesday September 11, 2012    [31 miles]

I woke up at 6:10am (although I actually didn’t sleep much), and got hiking by 6:30am. I was up and over Baldy and Relay Peak by 10:30am, then down to Tahoe Meadows trailhead by noon, where I was able to briefly call home. I returned to the trail by 12:30pm. The thru-hikers I encountered the day prior had recommended that I take a slight detour after Baldy to Gray Lake, since there isn’t any other water for miles in either direction. I didn’t feel like making the detour, and I still had enough water, so I bypassed the lake. So when I filled up at a creek in Tahoe Meadows, it had been around 30 miles since my previous fill-up at Watson Lake yesterday. My feet were feeling swollen and steps became more strained later in the day. I reached the scenic view at Christopher’s Loop (0.6 mile detour) just before 5pm. Except for a lone biker, I didn’t see anyone from Tahoe Meadows until the next day. After enjoying the panoramic view, I left around 5:30pm and headed mostly downhill to Marlette Peak Campground, arriving there around 6:15pm. The campground was empty and eerie. I filled up my water at the old-fashioned pump from the well, also taking advantage of the opportunity to clean my feet and replace my socks. I made couscous for dinner next to a picnic table and got into my shelter around 7:30pm.