Day 6

Wednesday September 12, 2012    [27 miles]

I woke up at 6:15am, although I didn’t sleep much at all again this night. It was a warm night and morning, and I got hiking by 6:50am, happy to leave the creepy campground. I arrived at Spooner Summit at 10am and immediately made a detour down to Spooner Lake to get water. I took a small break back at the summit at 10:30am and was hiking again by 11am. I saw several groups of dayhikers and even a couple of backpackers today. The day was very warm, and yellowjackets were everywhere! It was hard to stop on the trail without having curious yellowjackets buzzing all around. I used a bit of moleskin on my feet for the first time today, as I was still experiencing a bit of discomfort. I saw three deer and later another buck. I decided to take the Kingsbury Grade North trailhead route and subsequently walked for several miles on pavement through a residential area. I had arrived at the Kingsbury Grade North trailhead at 4pm and it took almost an hour to get to Tramway. There were way too many unchained, aggressive dogs on this street; at least 2 almost got pepper-sprayed! I bought a drink at the Tramway Market really just so I could ask to fill my water in their sink! I continued hiking along to Tramway to the Kingsbury Grade South trailhead, hiking on the trail again by 5:30pm. I hiked a few more miles until, at 7pm, I found a relatively flat place to camp. Nearby there were a few deer watching me. This section is the backside of Heavenly Ski Resort, so there are a number of ski lifts and, as you can imagine, the hills are fairly steep. I cleaned up my feet as best I could then got into my shelter around 8:30pm.