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Desolation Wilderness '06

25.25 miles; +6420' elevation
August 3 -5, 2006
Dave Sholer, Dan Brown
August 3:    7.90 miles; +2426' elevation

Left from Bayview Trailhead at 9AM. Stayed first night at Lake Schmidell. Did a little fishing, but didn't catch anything big enough. Very strong winds came from a storm that passed before causing any damage.
 August 4:    9.85 miles; +2417' elevation
Schwacked up to Lake Lois, past Rockbound Pass, down into the valley, then up over the Mosquito Pass and down to Lake Aloha. Continued on to Lake Gilmore as a storm approached. Set up camp there, had dinner, fished, and got to bed just befire sunset as a large thunderstorm moved directly over us.  The high winds and rain pounded our tents for several hours, but we stayed dry.

August 5:    7.50 miles; +1577' elevation
 Woke up early to try fishing on the opposite side of the lake, with no luck. Broke down camp in the mid-morning.  Continued on the PCT up and over Dicks Pass, past Velma Lakes, and back out to Bayview Trailhead.