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Desolation Wilderness '07

25.10 mi
June 14-16, 2008
Dave Sholer, Jared Atkins


June 14th:    7.90 miles; +2426', -1429'

Left from Bayview Trailhead at 11:30AM. Planned on hiking to Rubicon Reservoir (further than Lake Rubicon), but our late start caused us to change plans (the power went out during the night, so we got started almost 3 hours late).  Saw a bear near Middle Velma; a young black bear with head perched on a log, 100 feet in front of our trail. It ran away as soon as we saw each other. We hiked on to Lake Schmidell, bushwacking from Rubicon River up to the lake. There was a lot of snow on the ground, plus the rivers/creeks made for tough crossings. Set up the GoLite cave on a boulder near Lake Schmidell.


June 15th:    9.90 miles; +1850', -1503'

Started hiking around 9:30AM after pumping water. Bushwacked down to Rubicon River, following it up over Mosquito Pass. The pass was covered in up to 6 feet of snow, especially the last 1/2 mile uphill, which we took straight up. The snow packs were minimal on the opposite side of the pass. We hiked down to Lake Aloha, met up with the PCT, hiked past Heather Lake, Susie Lake, and made it to Gilmore Lake by 4:30PM. Set up camp, played cards, made dinner, went to sleep in the shelter by sunset. 


June 16th:    7.30 miles; +1821', -3252'

Woke up by 7:15AM. Started hiking by 8:30PM, after pumping water. Ascended Dicks Pass, where there was a snow pack of up to 10 feet. Descended by schwacking straight down since the trail was covered in snow. We had to crawl through some pretty dense areas to finally get down to Dicks Lake. Met back up with the PCT, went down and back out to Bayview Trailhead by 12:45PM.