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JMT Planning

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Planning in Progress for August 2009 trip


We will be hiking North to South, starting at Happy Isle in Yosemite Valley. We plan to hike the JMT in 12 days, resupplying once at Mammoth and again at Muir Trail Ranch.
For trail info, including water availibility on JMT/PCT joint sections: click here (then click section 'H')
For trail maps: click here
For an elevation profile: click here
Also see a pictorial overview of the JMT: click here


Gear Lists

Gear Discussions

These are the final decisions on gear items:
  • Shelter
    • Primary Shelter: GoLite Cave 2 tarp
  • Sleep System
    • Quilts: Dave currently has GoLite Fur 1; Jared has GoLite Ultra 20, which is significantly lighter and less bulky.
  • Cooking System
    • Cooking Pot: upgraded to 0.9L Titanium Pot w/ lid
    • Fuel/Fuel Storage: will continue with denatured alcohol, stored in 12 oz plastic water bottle.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Maps
      • Instead of printing out TOPO! Maps and carrying in waterproof case, purchased these maps. The should save weight, and will also be much easier to change between maps. There will be less cause for concern in wet weather/stream crossings. We can coordinate waypoints by writing on the pre-printed map sets to match with our waypoint lists (see itinerary).

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See JMT Menu for final food decisions.

Trail Resupply

We are planning to resupply at two strategic points along the trail. The first resupply will be at Red's Meadow Resort and the second resupply will be at the private Muir Trail Ranch, which both provide the resupply service for a fee. The Muir Trail Ranch (MTR) is about a half-mile off of the JMT, so it is well-worth the $50 handling fee (charged for picking up the package at the nearest post office and bringing it in via mule).

Red's Meadow General Store (Devil's Postpile National Monument)

This resupply is planned for Day 4 of the trip. This will allow us to carry less food during the beginning of the trip, especially considering the elevation gain required. This resupply package will not need to be large since we will be resupplying again on Day 6/7 (end Day 6 or morning on Day 7). These are the items to be included in this resupply package:
  • Food (3 full days--actually slightly less since will plan to get a meal at the Mule Cafe)
  • Toilet Paper, some Q-tips for cleaning up
  • for more details
  • $25/package + $1/day after scheduled pick-up day  (Red's Meadow will pick up from town's post office); Save $8/ea shuttle fare
  • Right off of trail, also offers hot meals served from 7am-7pm. Definitely saves time (compared to taking shuttle bus to Mammoth), and allows for a hot meal.

Muir Trail Ranch

This resupply is planned for around Day 7 (either at the end of Day 6, or the morning of Day 7). This resupply package will need to include food and supplies for the remaining 6 days of the trip. These are the items to be included in this resupply package:
  • Food (6 full days)
  • Toilet Paper, some Q-tips for cleaning up, replacement pen
  • Need to email ranch before sending package to assist in their package logging process
  • Package needs to be mailed to arrive around 2 weeks before planned pick-up
  • Package pick-up hours: 8:00am-5:00pm, everyday
  • for more details

Transportation Options

  • START OF JMT @ Yosemite Valley
    1. Take YARTS bus from Merced/Modesto area.
    2. Drive TWO cars to Whitney Portal, leave one. Drive back to Yosemite Valley, leave car, hike.
    3. Drive ONE car, leave car in Yosemite Valley, hike.
    4. Get dropped off in Yosemite Valley by someone nice (most ideal)
  • END OF JMT @ Whitney Portal
    1. Hitchhike or hike to Lone Pine in early morning; take I-395 bus ~8am morning on Day 13. In Bishop, take bus to Mammoth. Stay overnight in Mammoth. Next morning (Day 14), take YARTS bus ~8am to Yosemite Valley.
      1. If car was left in Valley, drive self home
      2. If no car in Valley, take YARTS to Merced/Modesto area
      3. Get picked up by someone
    2. If SECOND car was left at Whitney Portal before the trip, drive back home.
    3. Get picked up at Whitney Portal by someone nice, either at end of Day 12 (most ideal) or on Day 13.


  • Trail Permits: $5/ea (No charge for permit at Yosemite, $5 to reserve in advance)
  • Yosemite Entrance fee: $10/ea
  • Gas: ~$40/ea
  • Trail Food: ~$180 (~$15/day x 12 days)
  • Resupply Postage: $20/ea ($20/package X 2)
  • Resupply Fees: ~$38/ea ($25 +  $50)
  • Travel Food: $20
  • Yosemite Backpackers camp: $5/ea (Day 0)
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