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Philmont OATC

Order of the Arrow Trail Crew (OATC) is a program at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. The first week is trail-building. We built a section of trail leading up to the Tooth of Time. The second week is a custom trek designed by the participants during the first week. The maps below detail the second week.

Day Date End Camp Daily Mileage Total Mileage Elevation Gain
 1 7/11/1999Cypher's Mine5.785.782,133' 
 2 7/12/1999Mt. Phillips (Summit)4.21 9.992,634'
 3 7/13/1999Fish Camp10.63 20.62165'
 4 7/14/1999 Lookout Meadow3.01 23.631,351'
 5 7/15/1999 Urraca Camp10.7234.351,513'
 6 7/16/1999Tooth Ridge Camp12.0236.372,962'
 7 7/17/1999 Base Camp5.0041.37722'

Day 1: Cimaroncito Turnaround to Cypher's Mine

Day 2: Cypher's Mine to Mt. Phillips Summit

Day 3: Mt. Phillips Summit to Fish Camp

Day 4: Fish Camp to Lookout Meadow

Day 5: Lookout Meadow to Urraca Camp

Day 6: Urraca Camp to Tooth Ridge Camp

Day 7: Tooth Ridge Camp to Base Camp