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Skyline-to-the-Sea '08

36.0 miles
April 17-18, 2008
Dave Sholer, Jared Atkins


April 17th

We were dropped off at the Castle Rock State Park trailhead at 6AM and began hiking shortly after obtaining a permit from the "Iron Ranger".  We hiked down though the Castle Rock campsite, back up to Saratoga Gap junction, and then followed the highway all the way to Big Basin.  As far as mileage goes, we had 2 different maps, which differed from trail signs (which didn't all match), which differed from mileage listed on both of the park websites, which differed from the mileage on the TOPO! software.  Miles aside, we got to Big Basin around 1:30PM and rested for almost an hour before continuing to Sunset Camp. From Big Basin, it was up over the ridge, down for quite a ways along a creek, and then up back behind a series of waterfalls.  The trails were marked pretty poorly, so we ended up in the general vicinity of Sunset Camp, give or take a quarter mile. We tested out the new Pepsi can stove, which did well (once placed on a level, balanced surface).  Since the elevation was still low on this test, we'll have to see how it works on the next go around. We also tested new shelters for the first time, both of which functioned properly, although again the weather and temperature were optimal. We headed to sleep as soon as the sun was down.

April 18th

We woke up some time around 5:30AM, hoping to get an early start (since we both had things to do in the early to late afternoon), but started hiking closer to 6:30AM.  We hiked back down to the trail junction and headed towards Waddell Beach, where we were to be picked up. We planned on giving a call to our ride when we were about 90-120 min away, but we didn't get reception, even when getting to the trailhead at around 10AM. We called from a pay phone and waited down by the beach until our ride came.